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Your move (costs) efficient

  • Umecom works with your removal company!
  • As a main contractor or as a subcontractor
  • Superfluous items are efficiently processed immediately
  • Return settled on removal invoice
  • Or paid directly to you if you wish
  • Moving (costs) efficiently arranged

Umecom during relocation: eliminate redundancies = cost efficiency!

Often people come to us, because they are moving or are about to move: for the things that are not going with them, but still have too much value for recycling, or the like.

For self-selling is often no time (more) or space and recycled goods yield nothing. So... Opgeruimd-Verdiend.nlUmecom's recycling concept: we sell your stuff and the proceeds are yours, minus our commission and costs.

Because we work with estate agents and removalists so often, it makes sense to involve us in the preliminary process. In this way, unnecessary matters can be dealt with in the right way straight away, and they also yield a considerable profit!

Depending on your requirements (and the mover), Umecom can be the main contractor for the project/total revenue and costs. However, the proceeds can also be settled on the removal invoice or paid directly to you.

For more information or to take the first step without any obligations,please contact