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Cycle that pays off (you)!

  • Replace, clean up, move or evict?
  • No time/space for storage and sales yourself?
  • Recycling (or disposal?) yields nothing 🙁
  • So .. Umecom: you the revenue, we the brokerage
  • No-cure, no-pay: negative result for Umecom!
  • Open calculation: 100% insight into revenue/costs

We sell and pay you the proceeds (minus brokerage and costs)

Boedel-Makelaar.nl , the recycling+ concept of Umecom .. Plus? Yes, cycle, which yields (you) something! The address for if you have unnecessary things, which you would rather earn some money on or if you have had to deal with an eviction .

We work as a broker : You pay the proceeds, we pay the commission and (unless otherwise agreed) no-cure, no-pay: costs greater than proceeds = for the account of Umecom*. Settlement with open calculation: 100% insight into the revenue and costs.

Our method: 5 simple steps, pragmatic and transparent

Your earnings start simply, with a (non-binding) first contact .

▼Details Step 1

We will contact you by phone or e-mail with a few simple questions about the items you would like to sell and whether/where these should be collected. We send a first, rough estimate/guideline.

If this estimate/guideline is to your liking, we can go to Step 2 (inventory in more detail)

▲No details

 Case inventory / assessment for a more detailed overview

▼Details Step 2

From Step 1, we know whether we have to make an inventory at your location, or whether we can suffice with some photos and/or your information. Then follows a more detailed overview of the (expected) yield, costs and your profit distribution.

If the overview gives you reason to start, we go to Step 3 (registration and assignment)

▲No details

 If approved, we will start: you register and give the order

▼Details Step 3

To commission us, you can visit the (external) main site Sign Up (if not done before) or login . Then we will contact you for an appointment: we will pick up your belongings* or you will bring them to us.

After your order, we will start (Step 4), with only one goal: the best sale!

▲No details

 Processing your stuff, sell online and offline, to relations and seekers

▼Details Step 4

Once your items are with us, they will be professionally photographed. We then ensure placement on 12-13 online sales channels, with good photos, thoughtful texts and smart keywords. We'll take care of the rest!

After we've worked hard on your sale, here's what we're doing it for: Step 5 (Checkout)

▲No details

 Once your items have been sold (max. 3 months), a specification and payment will follow.

▼Details Step 5

The proceeds will be divided according to the graduated scale/ rates below and your share (minus the costs*) will be transferred to you within 7 days. No-cure, no-pay: you can take back unsold items or make them available.

Revenue per ad/transaction For you* For us
< 250 50% 50%
250 – 500 60% 40%
500 – 1.000 70% 30%
more rates   v3.06


* Minus any costs: transport (if collected), internal costs (to be determined, see page rates ), labor (cleaning, repair, etc.) EUR 55.00/hour and/or any external costs (advertising sites, auction costs, etc. ). Amounts excluding VAT.

NO-RISC! = all costs are paid from the proceeds/concern Umecom risk.
You NEVER have to pay (in advance)! (transport and storage costs are reserved for orders for (partial) clearance and art collections: these will be invoiced separately)

▲No details

Interested, more information or the first step?
Record (general) contact on or off (no strings attached) Step 1 :